Wednesday, February 12


It was cold today-

sleet and icy snow fell most of the day.

The icicles grew as the day wore on

and just a few hearty friends braved the pelting ice.

But as the snow and ice began to accumulate,

 the hill behind the house beckoned for some fun... 


Since we haven't been on a sled for more than 30 years

We were certain to have a few wild adventures!

It was a perfect day to create some memories.

"Hey Magnolia, do you think we could try that?"


  1. Fun and funny! Loved Mike on his side with a smile still! Where's a photo of Sharon going down?! Hoping things are warming up for you soon!
    Your sis!

    1. Michael thought he took pictures of me coming down the hill, but there were none on the camera... we think he might not have pressed the shutter hard enough. :)

  2. I LOVE the bluebird photos!!! I have so often longed to see bluebirds with my own eyes, but I shall have to content myself with the gorgeous pictures!

  3. What happened brother, you having a hard time staying on that thing!!


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