Monday, February 24

Time Well Spent

It has been six years since we had the joy of stopping in to visit the Neely Team.
Where has the time gone?

We quickly used our time to catch up on a few hugs, 
listen to what God is doing in their lives, 
and share many smiles.

We made time for sitting, creating, singing,
and listening...

and a few more smiles!

There was quiet time for reading,

and time to learn new skills.

The time around the table was joyous as we shared God's provisions, 
laughter, singing, and learning Scripture together.

One Team Member has been blessed 
with starting her own family since we last passed this way.  
Her presence was missed but her love was warmly felt 
through the gift of an ant farm for her siblings.

We spent much time around the farm watching the ants use their energy 
to fulfill God's design and purpose in their life.

Time brings many changes.

Since our last visit the Neely Family had 
added a new member to their team,
recorded more Godly music,
published a delightful cookbook,
and improved and added to their music skills...
to mention a few.

Though very busy, they made time to share their days
and slow down to love us without reserve.

Thank you Neelys!

{ You can learn more about the Neely Team over here. }
get a copy of the cookbook
or indulge in a  Thera-pit-ics

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  1. Laura Gaunnac2/28/14, 5:31 PM

    This is a "God-incidence" that I just read this blog entry, and earlier today I listened to the one Neely Team cd that I own, and was greatly blessed (again)! What a delightful and gifted family they are! You and they are both blessings to me!


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