Thursday, March 13

Lessons From a Goat

A few months ago God directed us to leave Miami for our coming ministry in Utah.
We would prefer to head straight to our new ministry, but God had another plan; 
He has parked us in a haven of waiting as we transition to our new area of service.

Waiting is never fun. But God, in His never-failing love has placed us out of the city- out of the press of non-stop people weaving in and out of our lives during this time of transition. And in this place of waiting He has afforded us a bit of rest with some caring people who have a bit of land and a few animals... and maybe a few things to teach us as well.

Yesterday morning we were greeted with the news that there was a new arrival on the farm.  
         Meet Sadie Mae.

She was just about an hour old when I met her.
Ready to follow her mama's leading; listening to her gentle grunts and snorts.
To say that this city-girl was delighted would be an understatement.

I finally went back inside to work on some mission-related projects.  But God planned another blessing for me that day.  Our landlord was headed off to serve in a Bible club ministry when she told me another goat was in labor.  So I wandered back outside and into the field beginning to green in the coming Spring.

There I sat and watched this mama give birth to her son.

Soon after his entrance into this world, Mikey was up on his feet, bonding with his mother.  Trusting her in every way.

And like most boys... he was hungry. 
What a special day!

After I accomplished most of my tasks today, I just had to go peek in on the new families.  So, back into the field I wandered (with my camera of course).

Sadie Mae and her mama were frolicking in the grass but it wasn't long before this day-old goat was bedded down between the blades for an afternoon nap.  Soon, her head was nodding heavily until it was leaning on a clump of grass next to her mama.

Looks like Sadie Mae doesn't have too many cares in the world.

Perhaps I should learn a few things from a day-old goat.
   God is in control.  
   He has my best interest in mind.
   He said to wait... and wants me to lean against His breast.

 Looks like Mikey has a few things to teach me as well.



  1. This is precious! I love the photos of the newborn goats! They look like they are smiling, and that is perfectly normal! After all, the Lord who takes care of birds and flowers also takes care of mommy and baby goats . . . and you . . . and me!

  2. Beautiful my dear sister! So happy to know that you got to see this. What a joy! What an extra special blessing from God!


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