Tuesday, April 8


In the past three weeks we have had three students come to visit us.
It has been a whirl-wind of happy reunions.

"Evie" recently graduated from FIU and is seeking God's direction for her life.
We saw her nearly every day while we ministered on the campus, 
so being apart has been a change for us all.

We had several days of talking, praying together, 
and encouraging her in the Word.
It was fun to have her join us at church one Sunday 
and worship with us there.

Man is a dear friend we met on campus almost eleven years ago.
Her interest in the Word was pronounced and we had the joy of sharing
Bible studies with her for five years.
Now, Man works in another state but she keeps in close contact with us.

During our visit I had the joy of teaching her how to cook 
several dishes, including stuffed eggs, cinnamon rolls and bread.

We also spoke at length of spiritual matters and she 
joined us for church on Wednesday evening.
Man is still in need of salvation; please pray.

Wen recently finished her PhD in chemistry.  
She is my daughter in the faith and I have missed her greatly.  
On her way to her new job in another state, 
Wen stopped by for a few days to visit with us as well. 

 Her mother is visiting from China, and so we had many giggles
(via Wen's translation) as we had a mini-reunion with her.
Wen's mother is not a believer and are also praying for her salvation.

It is humbling to know that God has given us the responsibility
to invest in the lives of college students, see them come to Him, 
and make an impact in the lives of their families as well.  

Like all good parents, we eventually have to say good-bye.  
Our prayer is that they would make long-lasting ripples
for God's kingdom in their new sphere of influence that now exceeds our own.

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  1. I am so glad you were able to spend time with each of these precious women! I am continuing to pray for Man to accept God's offer of salvation!


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