Monday, May 5

Willy Travels

Hi there... have you missed me?  (If you are new to this blog, you might like to go here first and meet me officially.)
I wanted to tell you about my latest journey.  I jumped in the car last week with Mike and Sharon and headed down to Eatonton, Georgia where Sharon was speaking at a luncheon for ladies.

Yep- I had to stay in the car with Mike while she went inside the church and have all the fun.  Mike and I actually went to a nearby coffee shop, so it wasn't all bad. Sharon had lunch with about 50 ladies (girls and babies too!) ...with pretty tables, decorations, home baked food, lovely music, and a devotional from the Word.

The theme was "Windows of the Heart" and there were different 
types of windows hanging about the room.
They even had fresh flowers by Sharon's place that she got to take home.

Sharon said it was a lovely time because she got to see 
so many of her prayer warriors.  
The ladies here love to pray for the college students 
that Mike and Sharon minister to.

 Sharon spoke about putting a sign 
in the window of our hearts that says "Yes, God". 
I looked at her notes, and it seemed to me she was encouraging the ladies 
to be obedient to God when He asks us to do something for Him.

Hmmm... I think we all need to encourage each other on that topic;
sometimes I just want to say 'no!' 

The next day we went to our sending church to worship 
with all of our wonderful friends there.  
This time, I was allowed out of the car. 

After church I got to meet lots of children.  
The girls were especially eager to meet me.
I'm not bragging- just saying it like it was.  
They wanted to know all about me.  Of course, I enjoy telling people 
about Utah where I came from and 
how we are planning to help people there learn about Jesus.

After this young man got to know me a little, 
he decided I should go home with him. 
I would have liked that, but we have some more traveling to do
and lots of people to share the Gospel with...
maybe he should come with us!

The family we spent the night with made a delicious lunch
and shared it with us while we had sweet fellowship together.
Their two daughters were happy to get to know me too, I think.

It was hard to say good-bye, but that evening
Mike was speaking at another church, so we headed down the road again.
I really enjoyed the people there.  
They have been helping Mike and Sharon with their 
campus ministry for over 12 years and are very excited 
about our new ministry in Utah. 
Sure wish we could take all these brothers and sisters in Christ with us.

I'll keep you posted as we continue our travels so you
can pray for Mike and Sharon.

See you soon!

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  1. HI, Willy! Thanks very much for keeping me posted on your travels with Mike and Sharon! I love being one of their prayer warriors too, and I especially love praying for Sharon's girls!


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