Saturday, June 28

59 Years

This week my parents finished their 59th year of marriage.

I would expect nothing less of my parents since they taught us children God's design for marriage: one man, one woman, for life, but I am deeply grateful to see two people model loyalty,endurance, love over the years as they followed hard after God's heart, even in difficult times.

The server at the restaurant where we shared a meal in celebration was also deeply touched, her eyes brimming with tears as she listened to my parents speak of each other and their marriage.

I was full of a little amazement (and giggles) of my own as I watched how they spent the day together.  One of their activities was to share some love, hymns, and a message from God's Word at a local elderly care facility.

They minister two times each week in two different care-facilities, 
but recently my mother's friend (101 years old in a few weeks) 
asked her if she would come to her place and hold church services there as well.

Millie has her own ministry.
After making more than 250 quilts for her children, grandchildren, 
great grandchildren, other family and friends, she told me she now makes them 
for missionaries who work with children in Poland.

But she was concerned for her new friends where she now lives,
and so Millie asked my parents for help.

As I watched my parents serve people who are not that much older than they are,
I wondered what will I do on my 59th wedding anniversary.

What would you like to do?

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  1. What a giving, wonderful couple! God bless them, and you, Sharon.


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