Monday, June 2

Colonial Williamsburg (part 1)

Recently we had the privilege of visiting Colonial Williamsburg, VA.
Though I studied it long ago in school, I didn't realize it still existed.
It is a place full of history and wonder.

If you have children, it is a "must-see", though I learned much myself
in our two days there.

The Capitol was intriguing, both in architecture and history.

Here, Patrick Henry delivered his speech against the Stamp Act (1765).

George Washington, Richard Henry Lee, and Thomas Jefferson 
were among key figures here as Virginia spoke up for American independence. 

Suppers, dances and other social events were held at the Capitol.
But the building also echoed with debates over the Declaration of Rights, 
and the first attempt at a bill for religious freedom.

Thank our Lord for men who stood up for truth and freedom.

While there, we were treated to a band of fifes and drums.

Making their way to a distant field, they played delightful music.

Canons were lit and fired 
before placing a wreath on the tomb of an unknown soldier. 

Many, very old trees grace the colony that have shaded some of our
forefathers and their families during the seventeen and eighteen hundreds.

This one was beginning to grow around an old picket fence
that edged a yard. 

The people who carry on the colony for our learning
and a reminder of our freedom and heritage in this land
were dressed in period costume.

We were grateful for this moment in time to give thanks
once again, for what the Lord has done for our country. 

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  1. I am so glad that you were able to visit this historic place. I have heard much about it, and have often wished we could have taken a family trip there during the years we homeschooled our children. It didn't happen, but maybe someday I'll get to visit! My favorite places to vacation all revolve around history and / or God's beautiful creations.


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