Wednesday, June 4

Colonial Williamsburg (part 2)

It was quite warm while we visited Colonial Williamsburg 
so we took note of where the shade was and when to sit for a spell.

We meandered down Duke of Gloucester Street

 visiting with shop owners, watching out for horses, 
and enjoying the old architecture.

Many buildings have stone tiles for the roofing, often layered in years of moss.

There are buildings in the Colony that have stood since the 1600's.
Others have been partially reconstructed, and some completely re-built.

Gables and large chimneys are quite common for the residences,
and this one boasted a fire escape. (ladder on the roof)

We heard the town crier announce a land auction

and visited with a few of the colony residents.

Along a side street we spent some time with this shy fellow

and watched the sheep graze at sundown.

I am glad I did not have to wear a wool coat on this warm day!

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  1. It appears that you had a peaceful and refreshing (inner refreshment) visit, though it was a hot day!


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