Monday, June 9

Colonial Williamsburg (part 3)

While visiting Colonial Williamsburg, we walked the streets and alleys by foot, 
discovering many interesting things about the Colony as well as history. 
On our second day there, we took the 'Governor's' carriage
to enjoy some shade and for a different perspective of the Colony.

Hop in and you can take in the sights with us.

 The courthouse was an impressive place, complete with stocks out front.

The gardens were delightful.
I especially liked all the fences and gates.
Many had old locks on them.


The Governor's Mansion

If you care to venture to Williamsburg, be sure to take time for a buggy ride.


  1. I had the privilege to visit Williamsburg many moons ago and these pictures brought back good memories. Would like to go back and revisit. I really enjoy your updates and new information you share. Thank you!!! Karen Doucette

  2. Your three posts about your visit to Williamsburg, put all together, would make a lovely booklet for people to "experience" that place! I would buy it just for your gorgeous photos!


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