Friday, June 13


 Last week we had the joy of serving others at a Vacation Bible School.

You might not know the children in these photos, 
but you can rejoice with us for the more than 100 children 
who heard Truth shared every night for a week.

They had an island theme, focusing on choosing
God's ways and right decisions.

The teachers spent a great deal of time
preparing and decorating the rooms.

Each evening began with the Flag/Bible ceremony.

The children were also visited each night by 
Wrong Way Willie, who had his own ideas on how to get to heaven.

By the end of the week, he knew the truth
and was telling the children the right way.  :)

The workers did a great job with the children.
The lady on the left came each evening, 
went to a quiet room, and prayed during VBS.

Michael was asked to teach the parents- some who had stayed
after bringing their children.
He spoke on five decisions that changed the world.

Craft time


The sweet woman usually goes away during the summer months.
This was her first Vacation Bible School at this church.
She came every night!

 God is good!

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  1. VBS is a wonderful ministry! My husband was saved during a Vacation Bible School at his church when he was a 12-year-old.


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