Tuesday, August 19

Willy Travels

Hello y'all,
   I promised you I would give you a first-hand report of our journey.  It was the first time Mike and Sharon took me to their annual CBFI conference so I was pretty excited.

  Sharon's computer was rendered dead after a bad thunder and lightning storm passed our way so, for now, all the pictures you get are of me.

We traveled through seven states, with our primary destination being Iowa. Being from Utah, I have to tell you- the sight of all the corn fields took my breath away. I was hoping I could get out in one and take a picture of me standing next to one of those magnificent stalks but Mike thought I would get lost in the corn rows. (He forgets I am a wolverine!)

I was really amazed to see rice fields in Arkansas. Trust me, we don't grow rice in Utah!

We stopped at some dear friends along the way and spent a day with Sharon's parents as well. Finally, we made it to Iowa where we had a delightful time reuniting with missionaries we have not seen for some time, heard some encouraging sessions from the word of God, held some business meetings, and heard some wonderful music that honored the Lord.

I was especially happy to meet a new missionary family that will be serving in Campus Bible Fellowship. Check back later for a photo of them. I had a fun time getting to know their two children. They wanted to take me home with them.  Maybe I should ask them to come to Utah with me!

After our intense week of meetings were finished, we traveled to a music shop where Mike got Sharon a cool instrument for her anniversary. (28 years... I'm not even that old!). I am sure Sharon will be posting some pictures of it when she gets her computer fixed. Be sure to stop by later to take a look, but I can tell you already, it sounds delightful!

We had the honor of spending a few days with some servants of God at Missionary Acres in Missouri.  Many of their stories are ringing in my heart after they shared how they have served in various places over their life time. Even in their older years they are still quite active in missions.

Then Mike and Sharon traveled several hours to meet a blog friend. Having never met in person before, Sharon told me she was excited to meet a fellow photographer, blog friend, and sister in Christ in real life.

I am adventuresome because I have to be... I am a wolverine, but I was wondering what it would be like for Mike and Sharon to meet a stranger.  They told me there are no strangers in God's family. After watching them visit for a few hours, I can believe it.

Mike and Sharon have been especially busy since they have returned- catching up on correspondence, house keeping, laundry and such. I just have this one outfit so I kept things real simple for Sharon in that way.

I hope you will check back for the visual report of my exciting journey. Keep praying for us as we prepare to make or move to Utah.


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  1. Hey there, Willy Wolverine! Please tell Sharon I am praying for her computer to be resurrected (or replaced?) soon.


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