Monday, September 22

Willy Travels

Hello everyone!

Can you believe it... Sharon finally has her computer fixed.
I told her I needed to get on it for a while
so I could keep my promise to update you all 
about my recent travels to the Mid-West.

I was the official keeper of the GPS,
making sure Mike didn't miss a cue on this special journey.
I sure didn't want to miss any of the 
great places we got to see along the way!

After passing through many different towns 
and seeing various types of crops, we made it to Iowa,
but not without crossing over so many bridges.

Sharon took most of the bridge pictures out the window.  
It looked like fun... maybe I should get my own camera. 

First off, we stayed with dear friends who faithfully 
serve the Lord even in their golden years..  
I got to meet the birds around their place, 
and some of their yard bunnies, 
but the squirrel wasn't too excited to hang out with me.

Our hostess had some beautiful flowers in her garden.
I really liked watching the sun set on this one!

Soon we were off to our conference.
Missionaries from all over North America were there.

In between encouraging sessions, Mike and Sharon reunited 
with many friends they don't see too often.

Meeting a new missionary family with two children was
a highlight for me.  
They will be serving on university campuses like Mike and Sharon.  
Their children became my buddies.  
(Don't tell them, but I wanted to take them home with me.  
They would be great with the college kids, I know!)

Next thing I knew, the conference was over
and it was time to hit the road again.

But first we made a stop in Iowa to get a very special gift.

This is Sharon's hammered dulcimer.
Those are the hammers sitting on the strings.
We are now hearing the beginning 
of dulcimer music around the house.

We continued our journey home with a little meandering 
through Missouri, stopping first at Missionary Acres.

It is a place of peace among the woods
and a place for the 'quiet years' for missionaries 
and other older servants of Christ who live here.

Most of these people were not exactly quiet, though.
They each were serving in some way for the Lord they so loved.

Some were translating teaching materials and other literature 
for the nationals they had to leave in countries beyond the sea. 
Others sang and played lovely harmonica music in a local church.
A few had a ministry in a local jail.

 It was easy to see how the calm of Missionary Acres 
allowed rest for the aging body 
and a place to focus on the gifts they still had to offer the Lord.

Going through Missouri was a visual delight 
but part of our reason for doing so was to meet a new friend!

Sharon got to know her first through her beautiful blog.  
Meeting Connie in person was super special.  

She took us to see this famous mill and enjoy 
some fellowship as we wandered through some of God's creation.

We even found another bridge there.  :)

Connie was too shy to get in front of the camera, 
but you can go see her piece of the world at this address.

 Before I knew it, it was time to hop in the car again.
I kept vigil over Mike's shoulder and we got home safely.
(He really is a fine driver!)

I saw a lot of neat bridges, tunnels, 
crops, old towns, big cities, trees, rocks,
and lots of animals traveling through seven states,
but meeting all those wonderful people was the best part.

Maybe I can meet you sometime!
~ Willy


  1. How delightful, Sharon, to read about your trip and see the pictures! I love the bridges, and your beautiful shots of Hodgson Mill, especially that last perspective. Lovely lily, too.

    It was such a treat for me to meet you and Michael. Please tell Michael he gave us a big laugh about the 70's pants.

  2. Willy, I sure am please that Sharon's computer got fixed! I hope to meet you too sometime!


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