Wednesday, October 1

The Wilds

This past weekend we were blessed to go to the Wilds 
for the first time, along with dear friends who invited us to join them.

 The Wilds is a place of spiritual refreshment for the thirsty soul.

  And a place for physical refreshment and rest 
'midst the beauty of the mountains.

The water gave us many peaceful moments to enjoy each others company, 
and to be a little silly,

 and reflect on what we heard in the Bible sessions.

 We were delighted to meet up with good friends 
who had come to celebrate their anniversary.
We have not seen each other for eight years 
and neither of us knew we would be there.

 We enjoyed some of the best music ever,

good food and great fellowship,

and time for needed laughter.

Michael tried his skill on the zip line.

Putt-putt golf was a favorite of mine, 
but Michael wanted something a little more adventuresome...

like The Swing!

The beauty of the Wilds was a great reminder 
of who God is and what He has done for us.

What a blessed weekend!

If you have never been to the Wilds,
we highly recommend it.


  1. That looks like a wonderful place, and I love the picture of you and Michael.

  2. Like Connie, I love the picture of you two at the end of this post! I have heard of The Wilds, but I had never seen any pictures of it. Now I would really enjoy the opportunity to visit and spend some time there.


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