Saturday, October 18

Willy Travels

 Well, I guess it is stretching it a bit to say that I traveled.

   I did go to a mission conference with Mike and Sharon last week... 
and I did get in the car.  
But it was actually only six minutes down the road. 

Can you believe it? 
A very special church that loves missions, only six minutes away!

Mike and Sharon really love the people here at this country church.
It was a special treat for them to share 
the Campus Bible Fellowship ministry with them.

I thought the music was wonderful; I really loved listening to the choir.

The flags were brought in by the children and served as a good reminder 
of all the people around the earth
that are still waiting to hear the Good News.

I met missionaries serving in Indonesia, India, 
the United States, and Burkino Faso.  
Listening to them preach was one of my favorites, 
but getting to meet the people of the church was a highlight for me.

From the old to the young, it was easy to tell 
that these people are serious about getting the News out 
that Jesus is the only way.  

If you are ever in North Georgia, 
you should definitely make plans to stop at
Crooked Creek Baptist Church and worship there.
You will be blessed too!

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