Saturday, November 1

Florida Weekend

We recently journeyed to Florida where Michael spoke
in one of our supporting churches.

It was good to be with these dear people again and serve 
them for a few days.  We are so grateful for their part in our ministry.

We took a day to scout around a bit 
to see St. Augustine and the surrounding area.

We met this man in a little street shop playing his hammered dulcimer.
He spent some time with us, including giving me a few 
pointers on how to play my instrument.

I spied this bird sunning himself on the river's edge.
I think he belongs in the cormorant family. 

Of course we couldn't leave without stopping for a few minutes 
at the ocean's shore as the sun drifted into the night hours.

I think the sandpipers enjoyed their evening walk too.

I never tire of seeing the vast ocean and the wonderful treasures it holds.

It was an unexpected trip, but so grateful that we could serve...
and see the ocean one more time before our move West.  :)


  1. Hi Sharon, love your ocean view, and that very cool bicycle shot!

  2. I love the sound of the hammered dulcimer! I hope to someday hear you play on yours, Sharon!


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