Wednesday, December 3

Together in Christ

In a room on the campus of UGA, gathers a small group of college students 
who are seeking God's ways and seeking to make a difference on their campus.

Last night, Mike had the privilege of meeting with them 
and sharing the Word in Bible study.  
Together, they explored Ephesians 6.

He was asked to share our vision and plans 
to begin a similar ministry on the campus of UVU in Utah.  
The UGA students were eager to see how God might 
bond the two Bible study groups together in the future 
through technology, social media, 
and even meeting in person for special occasions.

They especially want to be able to share 
what they are studying in God's Word.

On this night though, they pulled aside after Bible study, 
found a corner of a building and spent some time in prayer 
for one another, for the salvation of family members, 
as well as the launch of CBF at Utah Valley University.

What a delight to know that in pockets on various universities 
are young people who are serious to know the truth 
and that have a burden for other campuses.

Pray for Collegiate Bible Fellowship at UGA
and for the coming Campus Bible Fellowship 
at Utah Valley University.

May God be praised!


  1. How wonderful to see a group of young people praying together!

  2. I know you are eager to move to Utah and begin your ministry at Utah Valley University. Along with these young people at UGA, I am praying that the Lord enables you to do so in His perfect timing.


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