Saturday, January 17

Journey- Day 1

This morning we said good-bye to dear friends
and got in our very full car to begin our journey to Utah. 
 It was a beautiful day for travel.

 Soon we were crossing the State of Georgia, and into Alabama.  
Several kept us company throughout the day 
by texting. emails, voxing, and phone calls.

In the quiet moments we talked about how different it was 
from our first missionary journey we made to India. 
There was no email, letters took 18 days minimum to cross the sea, 
and making a telephone call was quite an ordeal.

Tonight we rest near the Mississippi River in a comfortable place 
with many modes of staying in contact- nearly instantly. We are blessed!

God has answered many prayers today.
We had no car difficulties, and the journey was a pleasant one.
Stay tuned for more adventures-
we have never found God to be boring!

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  1. How right you are that God is never boring! Tomorrow our lives are going to become much less "boring" than they have ever been--our family is moving in with us for an unknown length of time. Our home will be lively with four adults, a baby boy and a toddler girl, four dogs, and a cat!


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