Sunday, January 18

Journey - Day 2

Hi all... Willy here to fill you in on our journey today.

I started out this morning checking out this canon near a
famous battle field of the Civil War in Mississippi.

Soon we crossed the great Mississippi.
No time to actually stop 
and get my toes wet, but Sharon had quick fingers 
on the camera shutter as we drove across the bridge.
(not this one of course)

Later, we did stop in Louisiana for a break 
and saw more evidences of the Deep South 
such as Spanish Moss and these classic white pillars.

In no time at all it seemed we came to the Lone Star state- Texas.
Much of it is very dry, but the weather was a pleasant 68.

I was a bit warm with all this Utah fur about me
but the window was a great place for an afternoon siesta! 

God gave us safe travels throughout the day
and topped it off with a beautiful sunset in Texas.

I hope you can check in later for another update.
I am pretty excited to see more of the West 
as I get closer to my home.

Sweet dreams!

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  1. OH, I love that sunset photo! Also, the one with the three roadside crosses!


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