Monday, January 19

Journey ~ Day 3

Today's journey covered part of Texas and New Mexico.

Most of it appeared desolate to the causal eye.

I was struck however, over the obvious great resources of our Land
 that seemed to be out in the middle of nowhere:

Windmills to draw water for the animals,

Cotton fields of snowy white to make fabric,

with countless wind turbines spinning high above,
 generating electrical energy; 

Rocking pumps collecting oil beneath the soil 
as the wind blew the last remnants 
of harvested bean and cotton fields.

There were thousands of cattle in stockade pens,
soon to be food for the hungry;

grain silos that reached far into the sky

filled with grains to be eaten by people and animals.

We also saw trucks loaded with enormous loads of hay 
and many trains, loaded with goods 
to be made available to those far and wide.

Plenty of reminders today that we are so blessed by God.


  1. Yes... so blessed, and that with which we so take for granted so many times. Neat reminders here of thanksgiving for his goodness even when it seems life at times may seem dry. Thanks for sharing these!
    Your sis!

  2. America truly is a land of plenty. God has blessed this country. It is good to remember that all this comes from HIS hand!


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