Tuesday, January 20

Journey ~ Day 4

Hi Y'all, Willy here...
sure would have loved to have you with us as 
we traveled through New Mexico and Arizona.

We saw rocks today- lots of rocks!
Most of them were just sitting on the ground 
showing off their colors with nothing else around
for miles- except an occasional cow and more rocks.

Some were big ones like this one, 
displaying stripes and scrubby bushes
 poking out between the cracks.

My favorite one though was this 'big rock' 
suddenly taking up most of the horizon in Arizona.
The snow on the peaks was lovely, 
and as we neared its base, we saw thousands of tall pines.
It was a beautiful end to a long drive across dry rocky terrain.

I am tuckered out tonight and resting safely in Arizona, 
getting ready for another drive tomorrow.

We will be stopping in to see Michael's family.
Stay tuned for the next chapter!


  1. Wow, this part of the country you are traveling through is so very different from where Michael and Sharon used to live!


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