Saturday, January 24

Journey's End

On our 5th day of travel we had just a short drive out of Arizona.  
If you read the post on Journey~ Day 4,
 it is easy to see the vast difference in scenery in the same state.  
This section was void of trees.

We headed into Nevada,

and were greeted by Lake Mead, just over the border.

I will spare you city-shots, 
but I did think their highway decor` was kind of fun.

We spent a day and a half with Michael's family
(I neglected to bring my camera when we had the family gathering!)

But it was soon time to press on towards our goal... on to Utah.

I was a side-shooter 
(all pics taken out of the side window as we flew by the miles
on this journey), so they are not the best quality, 
but perhaps you can get a glimpse 
of the amazing West through my window.

There were plenty of colors
even though it was rocky and desert-like. 

We soon found ourselves in Utah and saw remnants of the last snowfall. 

We did pass a few towns and even saw some cattle,
but mostly it was just beautiful and open.

Around one bend was a huge field (?) of snow
that looked more like a lake.

As soon as we passed one set of snow-topped mountains,

we could see another set off on the horizon.
I can't image the settlers coming out this way by wagon.

It took us several days just by car 
(and with a whole lot more conveniences!) 

The rocky mountains and wide open spaces suddenly gave way to city.

Just before we got into our new town we were
greeted by an obvious reminder of the people who live here
and how desperately they need the Truth.

This is UVU, and the place where our new CBF family is.
We can't wait to meet them!

We don't know where in the city we will live yet,
but our journey of more than 2400 miles is finished...
this is our new home.

Perhaps it would be better said that this is our new beginning.
A big adventure starts now!


  1. Wow! Your new adventure is going to be wonderful! I just know that the Lord will help you to be a bright lighthouse in a dark place!

  2. Praise God you made it and praying your days ahead will truly be a blessing, whether it is hard, easy, possibly wishing for the past at times...may you have the strength to move ahead with excitement, knowing God has a big plan for so many, and He will use YOU!
    Love from your sis... and excited to see how it will all pan out!!

  3. Oh... and beautiful photos of your new place!!


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