Wednesday, February 18


In our worship on Sundays we are continuing
to explore the study of God's existence.
This has been helpful to us as Christians as well as those
who attend who are not believers.

There are usually about 6-7 adults who attend


and a couple of wee ones.

 This past Sunday we were treated to some idli,
made by the owner of the hotel where the church meets.

Idli is a breakfast food from India.
Little steamed, white 'pillows' of rice
are dipped in chutneys
or dunked in delicious 'soups'.

Sometimes the hotel owners daughter will join us
for the service.  Her presence this week was valuable for
authentic instruction on how to eat our food!

It is our prayer that she and her family
will see the Light of Jesus in us and come
to know Him personally.

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  1. I pray that this young woman continues to join you for the services! God's Word will not return void, and it's great that she is being exposed to the Truth of that Word!


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