Friday, April 17


Care to go on a journey with us?

Buckle your seat belt and watch the scenes out the window
as we travel to Arizona to serve in a church there.

We left the city and soon found ourselves in the countryside of Utah.

Hay, an important crop in this state,
is just beginning to grow.

Near the southern edge of Utah is the Virgin River
and an amazing gorge we must pass through, 
crossing a small corner of Arizona and then into Nevada.

To get to our destination, we had to go on through to Nevada.

After almost eight hours

we arrived in the little town of Meadview, AZ.
where the desert was in bloom.

We joined the body of believers there
to report what God is doing in our lives,

and the vision for CBF at Utah Valley University. 

Michael also preached, 
and we played our dulcimers in the worship service.

Meet Miss 'O', the newest 'member' at church!

We soon had to leave our friends,

and the unique beauty of the desert.

We crossed back into Nevada

back through the Virgin River Gorge

and into Utah.

It is a beautiful day for traveling!

Can you tell Utah has gotten a little greener 
since we left a few days ago?

This Mormon temple is new to this area,
just south of where we live, reminding us why we are here.

Our little tree next to the driveway
greets us with great color
and we know we are home safely, once again.
Thank you Lord!

(go here to see more about this tree.)

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  1. It amazes me how different the scenery is out west from where I live, or from where you used to live! What an interesting variety we see in God's creation!


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