Wednesday, April 1

At Home

March quickly passed in a flurry of activities including:
speaking at a ladies retreat in Eureka, UT,

Margaret provided delicious meals while we were encouraged through God's Word, fellowship, a monologue, and music.

Recently, we attended the first public church service
of a church plant in the Salt Lake area. 

In addition, we had the privilege of meeting for worship 
with another small church south of us.
Michael shared our ministry vision with this
group of believers who have been praying for us.

We also found a place to live in March.  :)
This townhouse was nearly finished when we discovered it,
and God allowed us to purchase it.

Our belongings have arrived
and we have been very busy getting settled in our new home.

Our back door looks out towards these mountains.

Someday these fields might be filled with other homes,
but for now, we are thoroughly enjoying the view.

Welcome to our home!


  1. I am so thrilled that the Lord led to you to a home so close to the University and student housing! It must be a great feeling to be settled in your new ministry location. I am praying for you as you keep this busy schedule of ministry. You really are a lighthouse in that place!

  2. Sharon, your new home looks so inviting, and what a wonderful view of the mountains! I can only imagine the great photos you'll be taking.

    We so enjoyed your visit, and do hope you'll be back this way.

    Happy Easter! May you be abundantly blessed by our Gracious God.


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