Monday, April 6

This is Utah

 You probably knew that Utah was filled with majestic mountains, 

Covered in snow during the winter
(delighting thousands of skiers)
and snow-capped much of the year.

Perhaps you knew that farming hay, 
barley, and corn, as well as fruit trees 
are an important part of Utah economy.

You might have imagined that sheep and cattle farming
are also key features of Utah.

You might know that Mormon wards
dot every bit of inhabited space,
in addition to temples, built for faithful Mormons. 

But did you know that a major Krishna temple is located here,
boldly promoting its false spiritual teaching 
through ceremonies, yoga, and other deceptive measures?

Recently they hosted the annual Holi (Color Fest)
 where colored powders are thrown on each other to promote 
the overcoming of evil and the coming of Spring.

This Eastern religious tradition is said by the temple priest 
to attract others to the Hare Krishna religion.  
And attract it does- more than 70,000 attend each year 
and the majority of them are Mormons, especially college students.

We are in a dry and thirsty land that needs
the Living Water more than you might think.

This is Utah.

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  1. I had no idea that this other false religion was in that area. What a strange custom to throw colored powders on people and think that somehow it makes you better!


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