Wednesday, June 10

Backyard View

From our back door,
a range of mountains called the Wasatch Front dominates the horizon.

This view, taken yesterday,
shows a few skinny remnants of the winter snowfall.

The patio fence blocks most of the action 
happening in the field just on the other side,
but Mr. Quail, with his debonair top hat, 
frequently peeks over to greet us.

The soil below is rich peat moss and is home 
to many creatures, including pheasant, doves, songbirds, 
quail, and all sorts of flying and crawly creatures.

These days, the soil is providing a rich meal for the musk thistles;
some are already three feet high.

They are ready to show off their purple hats.

But their prickles are enough to make one back off. 

As the sun set last night, a choir of flying critters 
began to sing and dance above the prickles,

and a stray cat began his night patrol.

Slowly, the sun began its descent behind another range of mountains,

casting a soft and mysterious glow on the intimidating thistles.

Our backyard view and nightly sunsets 
are very different from our tropical ones.

 We are grateful that the same Creator who painted the ocean sunsets in Florida 
is delighting us with mountain sun-scapes here in the West.

Our backyard view changes significantly with the weather and time of day...
  stop back in the future for more of the show.

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  1. Sharon, thank you for showing me your "backyard" view and the comings and goings of the creatures, the sun, and the plants. I especially enjoyed seeing "Mr. Quail with his debonair top hat"!!


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