Monday, June 15

Blessed to Worship

We started off this week by heading out of our little community 
and pointed north on I 15 to be with 
a body of believers about 40 minutes from us.

Traffic was fairly light as we were left before 
90% of those living in our county head out
to their Mormon meeting houses.

The way is lined with communities 
as well as major industry and business.

Mining, water treatment, the NSA, major retail,
office headquarters, and other industry can be seen
along the Interstate.

Most businesses are closed on Sundays.

The hang gliders were quite active, however.

Even if traffic had been difficult, we are thankful 
for the opportunity to fellowship with other believers.

With the strong presence and influence of Mormonism here,
it was a joy to be with the church body of Trinity Baptist.

These dear ones have prayed for us and our ministry.

Mike taught the adults today 
as well as sharing about our ministry in the services.

All too soon it was time to head south,

but we are grateful to have this blessing to begin the week.

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  1. The Body of Christ is precious, all the more so when there are so few in your area! What a blessing to fellowship as brothers and sisters who lift one another up in prayer and in mutual edification.


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