Tuesday, June 2

His Body

We are experiencing many 'new' things in the new culture and place of service 
where God has led us.  One of those is finding a church in which to worship.

As we pray for God's leading, the words of God regarding the Body of Christ 
come to mind through Paul's writings:
"They are many members, but one Body."  
We have delighted in worshiping with the Body in Utah, 
though it be sprinkled across the state.

Just north of us is a small group of believers beginning a church.

The pastor and his wife are passionate to see Christ make a difference 
in the lives of those that surround them.

Along side of them is a family committed to doing their part in the Body of Christ.

It has been our joy to worship with them for the past few weeks 
and be reminded of Eph. 4; 
there is one Lord, one faith, one God, and He is above all.

Meeting in a rented building means a lot of work each week to set up 
and tear down so that we can focus on God and not our surroundings.

Spending time in the Word,

in fellowship,

caring for the babies,

and reaching out to those in the community 
are all a part of this little church.

May God grow His Body in Utah.

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  1. This brings back memories of when Michael and I helped to plant a new church. Every Sunday the whole team pitched in and helped set up and take down in our rented facilities. The work bonded us all closely together in the service of the Savior.


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