Tuesday, July 14

50 Years!

What does an old blue notebook, 
a gold banner, 
and this joyful man have in common?

Last week the Campus Bible Fellowship Staff 
gathered in West Virginia to conduct business, 
encourage one another, and celebrate 50 years for CBFI.

The ladies were creative with a bit of paper and pen
to brighten the room we met in all week;

the men helped finish the job;

and the rejoicing began.

Hal Miller took us down memory lane as he recounted
the path God led him in 1963 to minister to university students
on a local campus near his church.

Following an official launch in 1965, 
he and Patty gave their lives to following the journey
to see that college students in America
had access to the Gospel on their campuses.

We listened, looked at old photos, read newspaper clippings 
and scribbled notes of those first years 
and praised God for a couple who had a passion 
to reach a segment of America 
no one really wanted to touch in the '60's.

More than one Campus Bible Fellowship missionary 
was saved during their own college years
through the ministry of CBFI.

It is hard to express the deep joy we have 
in giving our own lives to the current generations 
who walk our campuses.

It causes our hearts to rejoice to see God bring other families
along side of our vision to work in the fields, white unto harvest.

We tend to hang out on campus,
stay up late with the students,
listen with both ears,
mother the homesick,
repeat the truth again,
do things we are 'too old' to do,
laugh often,
and frequently let out sighs of contentment.

Perhaps it helps us relate to the 
"twenty-somethings" who need truth in a language 
they can understand...

or maybe it is just an excuse to have a joy-filled life as a servant of God.

 In any case,
we are here to carry out the task 
that our loving Lord has called us to do-
to take the Truth of the Gospel to every nation.

Even if it takes us another 50 years.

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  1. Wow! I did not realize that Campus Bible Fellowship was launched back in the "hippie" era! What a wonderful foundation was laid for this vital ministry. Just a reminder . . . I pray for you and YOUR ministry often. Love you "muchly!"


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