Friday, July 24

This is Utah

On Fridays we typically go on a date together.
Today we chose to do a little adventuring into communities
we have not yet explored.

This old Sinclair gas station was my favorite view of the day.

 We found it on an intersection
in Elberta; population approx. 250.

The fading colors intrigued me,
and I wondered about the people
who have passed this way in the years gone by.

Lack of water for the crops and
a freeze killing all the peach orchards in 1925
are just some of the hardships 
experienced by the people of Elberta.

We saw corn and hay growing in this area.
There are also dairy farms such as the large one
owned by the LDS Church which produces
milk, cheese, cottage cheese, etc.,
that feeds needy Mormon people.

This is Utah.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your many interesting and historical views of Utah. I really enjoy seeing historical buildings and learning about times in the past.


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