Monday, August 10

29 Years

We are so blessed to have completed 29 years of marriage.  
It would be impossible on our wedding day to imagine 
what God would have for us to do, 
where we would go in those years, 
and all the beautiful people we would meet.

We took some time this week to celebrate God's goodness 
with a little jaunt through a canyon to a popular city in the mountains.

We passed a beautiful lake,

and soon found ourselves in Park City
with quaint buildings from the mining days lining the streets.

Cafes lined Main Street beckoning us to
taste their menu fare.

Flowers were in abundance along the streets
of this ski town

with plenty of shopping and whimsy, 
while the snow is absent from its beautiful slopes.

We are told that real moose sometimes wander through the city
though this one was perfectly still in her current outfit.

We settled for a light lunch at this little cafe
that served excellent food.

On our way out of town I spied this sparrow
in an aspen tree.

Nearing home we decided to make a stop at
this waterfall we saw while traveling through the canyon.

There was an inviting pathway

a bridge to cross

over the swift-flowing river created by the 607 foot waterfall.

Can you see the people in the lower right hand corner of the photo?
They are climbing up the rocky portion of the falls, 
just before it flows into the river.

At the bottom was a perfect place for little people to explore.

There was an actual pathway up to the first level of the falls;

I think the water was some of the coldest I have ever felt.
I eventually got my feet in it but wondered if one could get
hypothermia in the dead of summer.  :)

I tried to limit myself to share only a few pictures with you,
but that would be like trying to catch all this water in a bucket!

When it was time to tear our eyes off the water 
crashing down the rocks of the canyon 
and head for home, we turned around to see this view.

God is truly amazing!

The majestic rocks, icy water, the trees and flowers,
and spending the entire day together all added up
for a special anniversary celebration.

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  1. Dearest Sharon and Michael, I am just delighted that you two were able to have such a lovely and memorable and blessed day on your anniversary! I have never been out west, but am sooo enjoying the "trip" via your photography!


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