Monday, August 31

Ladies Fellowship

A few days ago, I wandered through
some of the beauty of Utah 

to the town of Salina.

At Faith Baptist Church, I gathered 
with 68 other women and girls
from a dozen different towns
for a fellowship luncheon.

"God's fingerprint" on our lives
was the theme, with a decor that included
fingerprint cookies, magnifying glasses,
and investigative measures to learn
how God works in our lives.


The little ones were welcomed
and eager to be a part of a
'big girls' day.

Young girls found their best friends

while the older ones reconnected with theirs.

It was a day for smiles!

Christine Grings, a missionary to the Congo,
shared from the book of Esther and reminded us 
that though we can't always see through the fingerprints of God,
He is always good- only good.

 Christian fellowship is a precious thing here in Utah
and I am grateful for sisters-in-Christ. 

God is good!

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  1. Sharon, you are blessed to have found a fellowship of sisters in Christ. I know that day was an encouragement to all!


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