Monday, August 3

Orchard Festival

One of the small towns near us recently held their
annual festival celebrating the harvest
of their peach and cherry orchards.

We were privileged to have a booth, 
representing Campus Bible Fellowship.

The festival boasted train rides for the children;

Quilts for the ladies;

and fancy cars for the men.

Although... I enjoyed the cars as well!

Under the warm summer sun there were places 
to dig bare toes in the cool grass, get your face painted, 
ride horses, eat over-sized pretzels,

and of course- watch a parade!

Being new to this culture and being a city-girl to boot
I did not fully understand all the meaning behind some of the floats,

but I grasped that it was an important day for them.

Several nearby towns presented their 'Queens'

waving like true royalty for a day;

and little men dreamed of driving tractors

and wrestling cows.

The firemen and their big red trucks delighted all the children 
with candy flying through the skies,

giving the little ones a memory for a lifetime 
as they claimed their victory and prize held high.

Then there was the Orchard Queen herself

and her lovely horse.

Sun-kissed skin, sticky, cotton-candy fingers,
cowboy souvenirs, and a stack of memories;

Time to say good-bye until next year
and the joy of celebrating another harvest.

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  1. It is great the way you are entering into the more rural culture of your new area! And what a joy that you were able to have a CBF booth at the festival!


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