Friday, September 18

Back Home!

Hello... it's me, Willy.

Earlier this year I made it back to my roots 
here in Utah, but this week I finally made it home - 
Utah Valley University where I am the official mascot.

This week was Club Rush, a time for clubs to make themselves known 
and invite students to become members.

God answered our prayers and we were allowed to participate.

 Hop walked the halls to remind people 
to head over to the ballroom for the chaos... I mean fun.

 While we were setting up our table we met a nice boy from Brazil 
who had his club's table next to ours.
He wants to join CBF!  

 Soon, the students came pouring in,
looking at more than 100 tables.

 Our table was at one of three main entrances.
(Can you find Mike in this picture?)

 This boy had a table for jousting.

See if you can discover what some of 
the other clubs are here at UVU.

oh, wait - that's us!!

Everyone was encouraged to sign the unity board 
even though we are from different cultures and like different things.  
Hmmm, I guess it no longer okay to be unique.

All the students at UVU are encouraged 
to do more of what they love to do through a club.

These students liked to chant and holler about sports.

 We love to tell people about the Savior.

It's really good to be home!

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