Friday, September 11

Seen On Campus


A bit of patriotism was spotted on campus today

including the stars and stripes in this young lady's braid.

Michael Arad was a guest speaker in the Ballroom.

Michael's design was chosen for the 
9/11 Memorial at the World Trade Center in New York.

Michael is Jewish, raised in Israel, 
but lived just a few miles away from Ground Zero on 9/11.

He shared his journey of creating the Memorial 
and accepted questions from the students afterwards.

Afterwards, the students went outside 
to gather balloons to release them in memory 
of those who perished in the attacks on 9/11.

How grateful we are for those who served our country that day
and for those who have stepped up to fill their shoes.

Our country (as well as our campuses) needs
to know the God who has blessed us with so much.

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