Tuesday, October 6

A Fall Drive

 In between running around on campus 
and launching CBFI here in Utah, 
we took a drive to 9,000 feet to clear our heads 
and enjoy the awesomeness of God.

Care to join us for the ride?

We headed up to Mt. Nebo
to catch a little Fall action.


Some free-range cattle thought they were hiding,
but we spotted several of them enjoying the
shade of the aspen leaves singing in the gentle breeze.

The evergreens looked like Christmas trees
as they were decorated with the falling golden leaves.

Even the stream beds were blanketed with glorious color.

We stopped along side the road to eat lunch here.


In the distance is the valley near our city.

Near the end of our drive
the scenes were like paintings of rich sage and rust, 
mingled with warm gold and browns.

The beauty left us little to say except,
"Let all the earth fear the LORD: 
let all the inhabitants of the world 
stand in awe of him."
Psalm 38:8


  1. These pictures are beautiful!

  2. What beauty our Great God has given us to enjoy. You did a fantastic job capturing it!

  3. I love mountains! Thank you for taking me along on your ride!


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