Wednesday, October 14


Tonight we held our first Bible study at Utah Valley University.
What a joy!

our web page on the monitor
in the room

Three years ago, God began to move in our hearts and we began to follow.
Tonight was a special joy to see His deep love for others 
in this amazing journey.

No surprise, there were some hiccups.
We thought we had one room and at the last minute
 found out it was another.
Our student president was in an auto accident (she is okay) 
and could not come to Bible study.
Apparently UVU has a Fall Break until Monday and many students are gone.

...But God had an appointment for us nonetheless.
God brought C_, a young man from Brazil.

Although he was the only one who could come,
we had a wonderful time teaching him the Word of God.
He is so excited to have this opportunity.

The sun set beautifully in the West
as we watched out the classroom window.

Another day in history...
but a new beginning for us and for a young man 
who wants to know Jesus.
What a mighty God we serve!


  1. Praise the Lord! Thanks for sharing with us what God is doing! We miss you guys!

  2. Beautiful God appointments, those moments that turn out different than we expect. Hoping it ends the very best! Prayers!

  3. I'm asking our might God to help C. to know Jesus as his Savior and Friend.


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