Friday, October 30

This is Utah

This week we traveled to three different churches in Utah 
to share the ministry of Campus Bible Fellowship at UVU.  
All three churches were within 2 hours of us, 
but the view was different for each journey.

Nephi hosts just over 5,400 people;
it is the principal town in its county.

We greatly enjoyed the day we spent 
with these twenty believers, singing and in fellowship.

The next evening took us to Mt. Pleasant.

One of the largest cities in its county, it is home to about 3,200 people.

Didn't get a picture of the church, but we loved our time
 in this small body of believers.
Here, we also shared our vision for UVU.

The next evening we drove to Delta,
home to 3,400 people.

Its economy in includes, alfalfa hay, cattle, 
a beryllium mine, a lime plant, and a power plant.

Our CBF president is also from this town.

About a dozen people gathered this night 
as we shared the ministry of Campus Bible Fellowship.

The towns were small, the churches small,
but the God we serve is big and Almighty.
Pray for His work among the people of Utah.

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  1. I just love the scenery photos you post of the "grand vistas" in Utah . . . so very different than here in central Indiana.

    As a child and teen, I was part of small church families. Then as an adult, I helped plant a church. Small churches foster a wonderful closeness among the people.


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