Monday, November 23

International Festival

International students of UVU hosted their annual winter festival.
Can you guess what countries were represented?

The ballroom was lined with booths from various countries
decorated with cultural icons and samples of food...

the center of the room was packed with guests.

We didn't have to stand around very long to notice three things:

* every culture has their own dance,

* their own special clothes and colors,

* and their own version of bread.

Several of the performances were rooted in their religion

and was another vivid reminder that
God has brought the world to us.

It was easy to see that God has given all of us
a love for music,

right down to the little ones!

We are in the midst of the high desert,
in America,
but with the world at every turn
in the halls of Utah Valley University.

Please pray for our ministry here.

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  1. I am praying for your ministry there. It truly is an INTERNATIONAL ministry! The people of the world come to the USA, hoping to find knowledge or riches, and you are helping to lead them to the real Source of Life and Truth.


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