Monday, December 21

Christmas Music in Utah

On a classic snowy night in Utah we ventured out
to the local library to attend a Christmas concert.  
They have actually had several concerts in the past few weeks.
Our first, was listening to a bell choir 
play the Christmas songs on the tiniest of bells, 
all the way to very large ones that took a strong arm to lift.

Another evening we heard a group of singers expertly share 
all the Christmas carols in Baroque.  Very interesting!

Most of this group (who have been singing for decades)
were in their 40's and above.

They did sing Jingle Bells and allowed all the children 
to stand in the front shaking bells to their heart's content. 

One evening last week we made the journey again to the library
to hear 15 children play an hour of Christmas music 
on classical guitar with their teacher.

Some of the children did not play every song

but even the 5 year old had a turn in making beautiful music,
classical style.

This young man on the right played every single song we heard that night.
He definitely has a gift.

Another snowy night we put on our boots and gloves
and made our way to the library to hear a group of women
play the Christmas carols Renaissance style.

 All of them played multiple instruments
including several ranges of recorders, old-style violas,
krumhorns (a double reed instrument),

the lute, harp, mandolin, tamborine, triangle, and mini-cymbals.

 We did not get to attend all the concerts but did enjoy
getting to know our community more 
as winter is off to an official start here in the Valley.

We may just have to do this again next year.
Do you have any fun musical traditions at Christmas?

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