Friday, January 22

This Week On Campus

We had a delightful time on campus this week
participating in the Club Fair.

This is the time when student organizations of all sorts
are allowed to show their stuff and afford students
to question or join a club.

Even faculty are known to wander through the rows of tables
to see what is happening at Utah Valley University.

There is plenty to look at, questions to ask,
freebies to collect,
and people to meet.

There is quite an array of clubs at UVU.

This club is to make sure we are all the same.

These guys are really against anything
that takes a stand for right.

The Oceania Club focuses on their islands,
culture, and traditions.

We met and chatted with many students this week,
including a delightful boy from the Japanese Club.

Some were brave enough to venture to our table
for questions and dialogue.

Others were a little more clandestine.

The campus holds a whole array of people who desperately need Jesus.

Pray for us and Maddie (CBF student president)
as we build relationships with and lead these here the the Light.

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