Saturday, February 6

Seen On Campus

There was a flurry of activity near the Ballroom this week.

Just inside the Ballroom there were many hands
drawing, cutting,

sewing, chatting,

applying snaps,

folding, tucking,


and stuffing hygiene kits for girls in developing nations.

As fast as the kits were made,
rows of students put them all together in boxes.

Campus Bible Fellowship was able to participate in this service project.
Sharon was with a group of women on the sewing machines;
Michael was with the ROTC guys stuffing boxes.

It gave us more opportunities to listen, learn, and meet people.

These boxes will be going to Nepal in the near future.

We will be staying on campus, building relationships
and sharing Christ with these students 
that God allowed us to meet.

Do you have a creative way to meet people
and share the Light with them?
We would love to hear your stories.

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