Friday, March 11

This is Utah

Heber City, UT is mostly a pastoral town of 14,000 people
less than an hour from our home.
It is 5,569 feet in elevation.

This week we enjoyed riding the historic train there.

For two hours we wandered around through the pastures
and the curves that surround the reservoir.

The weather was beautiful, 
though there was still snow and ice to be seen.

Besides cows, sheep, and horses,
we also spotted many types of birds
including ducks, hawks, and bald eagles.

We also spotted three working beaver dams in the midst of the water.

Much of the reservoir is still covered in a layer of ice.

The late winter sun is beginning to melt
the blanket of ice along the edges,

and in some places, the still blue water can be seen. 

We came to celebrate Michael's birthday,
but it was a treat for both of us.

They conduct trains that ride in the evening hours,
some with children's themes or entertainment.

We really just wanted a lazy day with a view.

Maybe these two eagles just wanted to enjoy the view as well!

It was a delightful journey-
I am sure we will be back.

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  1. Neat! Some LOVELY photos here. Beautiful country and water, snow etc... How fun! Happy you could make it happy for Mike!


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