Friday, April 29

East Meets West

Recently we were able to take three students 
that God has brought into our lives to a Western Day outreach 
hosted by a church for their community.

Cowboy hats and spurs were new to Yue.

Learning to walk with stilts was a new adventure
for Joon Won. 

After he 'mastered' them, he was helpful to
teach Jaehoon how to walk.

There was 'cow milking' for any who wanted to learn,

roping for young and old,

and plenty of people who reached out to our friends
to learn the ways of the West.

Horse riding was available for any who dared...

even if it was their very first time!

Western Day wouldn't be complete without a 'horse race'.

And everybody loves a barrel race!

Excellent music was to be had,

and the love of Jesus was easy to be seen.

Cowboy Bob was there to break a wild horse,

teaching us life-lessons and Biblical principles as he trained.

We witnessed how the power and wildness of a horse
is dangerous and unproductive

until it is brought under submission.

Good cowboy cooking led to further times to ask questions, 
share truth, and build relationships with these three precious people.

East has officially met West-
we are praying they will meet the Savior.


  1. I'll join you in praying for these three precious young people.


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