Wednesday, April 6

Western Weekend

Music, food, visiting, 
games and horse rides for the children, 
and Biblical truths were part of a 
Western Weekend we recently attended.

Our purpose was to serve the polygamist community 
where it was held and introduce them to Jesus.
The church that sponsored it cares for these people dearly;
it was a privilege to step along side them and serve for two days.

 Out of deference, we will not focus on the faces of those who came, 
but please take a moment to lift this community in prayer 
before the Savior who loves them passionately.

One of the highlights was a round pen demonstration-
a place where a cowboy breaks a horse.

Meet the cowboy.

Meet the horse.

A wild horse has little purpose
until its will is broken.

This horse showed 
her strong will from the very beginning.

The cowboy slowly taught her to trust him.

And he told us the parallels to a horse's stubborn will and ours,

and how God wants us to submit to Him-

learning to trust Him

even in the scary moments.

Submission, trust, and a few other lessons learned
gives a horse new purpose in life,

and gives way for much to be accomplished
for the horse, the cowboy, and everyone involved. much to be learned, here in the West!

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  1. Years ago, I also was privileged to watch a Christian cowboy break a willful horse as he explained the spiritual significance, just as you saw. It was a wonderful demonstration and made a big impact on the observers. Peace comes with submission to the Lord's will.


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