Sunday, May 15

A Journey

The rains, sun, and rich dirt are making
both the mountains and valleys in Utah rich
with color and life.

We traveled south for Mother's Day,
taking in gorgeous blue skies,

rolling hills carpeted in shades of green,

while some of the mountains still sported
their winter white caps.

The journey gave way to desert in the south

as we drove through a portion of Arizona.

Even there, the desert and rocky cliffs could be seen
sprouting their own version of green carpet.

Soon we found ourselves in Nevada,

but the scenery is not why we came.

This journey was to spend a few days with family.
It was packed with visiting, and much laughter...

and the joy of being with Mom for Mother's Day.

Love you, Mom!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, Sharon, those photos are gorgeous! Must have been nice seeing family, and nice for them to have a good portrait photographer.


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