Friday, May 20

CBFI Family Night

Family Night is a fun tradition in our home-
a night to build relationships,
eat, play some games,
share cultural wisdom and traditions,
and share the love of Jesus.

 God is growing our Utah family.

 We shared this evening with a young lady studying aviation management
and two ESL students with aspirations of being a nurse and an artist.

 There was serious discussion,
questions galore,
and some just plain silliness.

We are loving those who God has brought
into our lives;
We are praying that God will add them to His family.

They asked if they could return soon...
stay tuned!

1 comment:

  1. Love those bright expressions! It must be very nice for them to have a family away from home, and I'll be praying with you that God will add them to His family.


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