Tuesday, June 14

Mystery Journey

Saturday we left our city and headed out of the canyon,

past the waterfall,

through the mountains,

past the farmlands,

heading to Wyoming.

We were scheduled to speak in a church in Eastern Wyoming
to share our ministry with them on Sunday.

We have been looking forward to this for quite a while.

We have not traveled this way before.

With the Rockies in the distance we suddenly experienced
car troubles in Western Wyoming.

We limped back to a truck stop.  

They only worked on trucks and there were 
no rental cars to be had anywhere.  
It became evident this journey was not what we thought it was for.

Jimmy towed our car to the nearest town- Evanston, WY.
to see what should be done.
There were no mechanics open to look at the car.

 We checked into a hotel to think and pray.

While sitting on the curb, I spied a tulip hiding under a rose bush.
You really had to look to see it... 
the beauty was there, but certainly not in plain sight!

We knew God had a good reason why we were here
and not where we thought we were supposed to be.
We asked God to show us the mystery.

Was it so we could have multiple conversations 
with the hotel manager, Viren, and his wife from India?

Sunday morning, these good people (total strangers) picked us up from the hotel 
and brought us to church so we could worship God together.

The preaching, teaching, and music was a real delight!

Were we here to be a blessing somehow to Uinta Bible Baptist Church?

Here we met Tyler, a college student (in Utah!)
that God rescued out of Mormonism just weeks ago.
He watched this young lady at college and saw
she had something he did not. 
She pointed him to Jesus.

Tyler is interested in getting a Bible study started on his campus.
Was this why we were here?

The next day we got the car to a repair shop
where they 'fixed' the car.
We headed back to Utah.

As we drove, we asked God to show us the bigger picture.

Not long into our journey,
the car decided it had enough and quit working again.

Really?  another tow in the same weekend?

We talked at length with Norman,
the kind man who brought us and our car back home.
Was this journey for Norman?

The answer still is not completely clear to us.
God blocked every effort to get to our original destination;
He protected us along the way
and allowed us to invest in the lives of several people.

We know He wastes nothing and allows these things for our good and His glory.
It isn't a mystery to Him...
perhaps He will show us the end of the story in the days to come.


  1. This brings emotion to my heart, almost to tears, not only because of the poor situation you had to go through but mainly because this was used of God somehow, and you two just have it when it comes to sharing with people the love of God. Praying for Norman especially.
    Love you both.

  2. Someday, when you get to heaven and all the mysteries are unraveled, you'll probably be amazed at all the good things God did in and through you that weekend. Or maybe you'll be able to see some of it sooner. In any case, it was a good story, a reminder of how God works, and gorgeous photographs. Thank you!


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