Saturday, August 20

Willy Travels

Hi guys... I recently jumped in the car with Mike and Sharon
when they headed out to Wyoming.

You might remember they tried this several weeks ago
but never got there because of the 'ol car refusing to cooperate.
(You can read about it here.)

Everything went much smoother this time.

The ranges were a bit dryer now but
just as wide open and vast as ever.

This was my first time in Wyoming.

I heard this was the place where the buffalo roam
and the deer and antelope play,
so I set my gaze to the open plains.

Yep, there were deer,

plenty of antelope,

cattle too,


and even dinosaurs!

Okay, well those are actually extinct;
this guy was just helping to advertise elk and bison snacks.

At a rest stop, I climbed a huge pine tree to scout around
for any buffalo.

I did spy this fellow, 
but sadly he was of the same stock as the dinosaur.
Hmmm, I wonder if they have all been made into snacks.

While we continued toward our destination

we passed this ranch.

It was more than 140,000 acres, so I had time
to stretch out and take a nap while driving by.

Wyoming isn't all flat ranges.

I found the rocks to be pretty impressive.

But we didn't come for the view.

At last, we made it to Liberty Baptist
where we had the pleasure of sharing our ministry
with a sweet group of believers.

We stayed a couple of nights,
enjoying fellowship with the people.

Sharon got to see her Aunt for the
first time in many years.

It was my first time to meet Sharon's cousin and Aunt.
Loved these two! 

Next thing I knew,
it was time to head back west to Utah.

One of these days I am going to have to get some Western wear 
and maybe a pistol. 
You never know what is crossing these ranges...
I'm a wolverine and I bet no one ever thought 
one of those would be on the range!

In the mean time, classes begin next week, so there is
plenty to do to get ready for all the college kids.

Stop by again soon!

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