Tolle Lege

                      'take up and read'! 

Reading, Visual, and Discussion Resources 
for Parents and Students

The Bible
~ know your Bible; study as a family

Already Gone
Britt Beemer & Ken Ham

Refuting Evolution
Jonathan Safarti

Culture Shock
Chip Ingram
Publisher: Baker Books

The Journal - A monthly publication of American Christian College d/b/a Summit Ministries

Fish Out of Water
By: Abby Nye

How To Stay Christian In College
By: J. Budziszewski (Boojee – shefski)
Publisher: Th1nk

Ask Me Anything
By: J. Budziszewski
Publisher: Th1nk

University of Destruction
By: David Wheaton
Publisher: Bethany House

The Fabric of Faithfulness
By: Steven Garber
Publisher: InterVarsity Press

The Professors
By: David Horowitz
Publisher: Regnery
Brief biographical sketches of 101 professors. Very interesting!

Understanding The Times
By: David A. Noebel
Publisher: Summit Press
Know your Biblical worldview.

Mind Siege
By: Tim LaHaye and David Noebel
Publisher: Word
The authors provide a good treatment on Secular Humanism.

DVD Resources
By: Ken Ham
Publisher: Answers in Genesis
A DVD series dealing with creationism